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INTRASOFT International introduces VARID: A multichannel analytics suite, tailored to meet the needs of every organisation and business.

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About VARID Analytics

We can help you make data-driven decisions. Here’s how!

Accomplish your business and communication objectives.

INTRASOFT SCOPE’s own multichannel analytics platform, VARID, is a powerful, integral tool that uses data to limit risks in your decision-making process.

A flexible and customisable suite, VARID, provides a unified view of cross-channel digital performance.

Its capacities range from web analytics and the measurement of owned social media effectiveness, to scanning the web to identify and analyse mentions concerning our clients’ fields of interest.

Our high-calibre digital marketing team

  • analyses trends and behavioural patterns for you and your brand
  • proposes concrete, data-driven actions with a measurable business impact

    VARID is here to:

  • Segment and target efficiently, to reach your audience
  • Keep track of your brand image around the web
  • Measure and analyse the impact of your social media marketing efforts
  • Align your communication tactics with your objectives

    VARID and our team of digital marketing experts will help you to:

  • Maximise conversions
  • Boost sales, newsletter subscriptions and other key outcomes
  • Optimise user experience on your site, using best-practice techniques
  • Implement technical changes and measure their impact
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your advertising campaigns

    We see measurement as part of the communication process

    A measurement cycle model is implemented, spanning from the identification of communication goals to data-driven tactics optimisation.

    Our workflow is simple and efficient

    We monitor, we analyse and then showcase our findings, via our cutting-edge analytics dashboards.

    The analytics of your site organized in feature rich and easy to understand sections.

    Your data is safe

    Last, but not least, you own your data. The source data of the analyses remain on your servers, no third parties are involved.

    Turning insights into action

    And knowledge into wisdom

    % Analytical

    % Business

    % Data-driven

    % Technical

    Analytics for everyone

    No more reports — You are getting clean, understandable dashboards to help you make the right decisions to reach your objectives.

    Interactively visualized charts

    Clean and detailed charts to visualize the data that matters

    Detailed segmentation

    The data indicating your digital performance, segmented and presented in a concrete way


    Accurate, actionable and easy to understand analysis of your data, conducted by top-gear digital marketing professionals


    We are building the optimal measurement plan, based on the digital marketing mix of your organisation.
    All Industry-leading analytics tools may be integrated with VARID technologies.

    Web Analytics

    Optimise the performance of your website and accomplish your goals, following a full-scale analysis

    Own Social Media Analytics

    Keep track of your social media channel performance and reach your target audience more efficiently

    Online Listening

    Find out how the web and social media sphere perceive your organisation and your brand

    Digital Advertising

    Measure your paid advertising efforts